30 • 09 • 2023

About The Annual

The Annual is a yearly gala celebration that champions community, diversity, and co-creation for sustainable social innovation across the Nordics. The Annual gathers people from different backgrounds and walks of life, who are standouts in their fields and have shared values to bridge fragments of society into a cohesive whole.

The Annual invites us to listen, learn, springboard change, share our power and create lasting social value.


Why Attend The Annual?

You deserve a night out!

Food, delicious food.

Network, Network, Network!

Entertainment galore.

A legitimate reason to get dressed up in August.

Learn a bit more about diversity, equity and inclusion in the workplace.

What to Expect at The Annual?

Commune with the movers and shakers from diverse backgrounds from Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden. Expand your horizon, network, and stimulate your intellect.

Have fun, laugh, be entertained and congregate with social innovators.

The Blaze Inclusion Awards

Join us to congratulate and celebrate the Blaze Inclusion Awards Regional Winners who will be awarded at The Annual.

The Blaze Inclusion Awards celebrate and illuminate trailblazers – individuals and organizations – who actively and passionately uplift Diversity, Inclusion, Equity and Belonging (DEIB) initiatives in their workspaces, communities and society overall. With a focus on the Nordic region, the Blaze Inclusion Awards highlight DEIB champions in each country and recognise outstanding individuals and organisations whose practices shine within and beyond the Nordics.




Suited & Booted

The most ambiguous category leaves the door open for trendy items. Come in your "Sunday's best" and most comfortable and unapologetic expression of self. A smile is your best accessory.


Speeches by motivational speakers and subject matter experts. Artistic performances and Dinner.


The gala evening was made unforgettable by the resonating performances of diverse artists.

The Annual 2022 gallery


The sale of  The Annual 2023 tickets is tentatively scheduled between end of January and February 2023.

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The Annual is an inclusive event that aims to congregate people from all walks of life. As seats are limited, it is circumspectly curated. If you’d like to attend, we’d love to hear from you.

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Anthony Kalinde

Stand-up Comedian

Born in Malawi and raised in 7 countries by the time he was 21, Anthony Kalinde has lived, studied and worked in different countries across several continents, giving him a uniquely international perspective. By day, Tony is an IT consultant. But don’t let that fool you! His fast, intense, observational wit is anything but dry.

Sunniva Lundh

Singer and Composer

Sunniva Lundh is an artist, composer and singer. She released her debut album Contradictions in January 2019 with excellent reviews and a 5/6. Her album was named one of the best albums in 2019 by thewilhelmsens.com. Sunniva Lundh has been featured on a number of Spotify playlists, including Nu-Blu, New Music. While her first album had a more experimental sound, her second album, Fall from Grace, is slightly more down to earth and acoustic. 

Numa Edema


Numa Edema is a Norwegian singer-songwriter.  He made a mark as one of the greatest and most innovative soul artists in Norway. With his hit Delta Man, he charmed the entire country with folk-inspired soul. He has released 2 albums and 1 EP. He has played for Nobel Peace Prize winners and toured the United States with Stephen Stills and Judy Collins. He has also performed at Lindmo, TV-aksjonen and during the medal ceremony for the 2016 World Biathlon Championships at Universitetsplassen in Oslo.


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Dominic Gorham

Guest Relations Manager at The Thief

Mr. Guest Relations himself, Dominic Gorham (He/Him) is a man who has carved out a niche for himself and perfected his craft. Of all the trendiest and luxurious places to visit and indulge in Oslo over the past 20 years, Dominic has been at the helm of a majority of them. A trusted partner of globally renowned artists, his availability often determines if and when International Stars come to Oslo. Dominic curates unforgettable, quality and rich experiences. His work ethic is unmatched and defines a standard of excellence above all others.

From a multi-ethnic background, he’s fluent in Norwegian, French and English. Dom comes from a large family and loves with a big heart. He’s fiercely loyal and his circle goes back to childhood friendships he nurtures to this day.

He is gracious, humble and a role model to many. He creates space where there are seemingly none, and holds the door open for countless others to pass through. If you are lucky enough to know him and call him a friend, then you will have a rich life.

It’s difficult to quantify a man like Dominic in words, he has to be experienced.

Isabella Håkenstad

Isabella Håkenstad (She/They), can easily be called a young human rights activist. At the age of 14 she founded her local pride called FossePride. Being the youngest of 3 sisters, she has learned from a very young age to speak up and speak her mind. Today, she uses her voice to speak about topics close to her heart such as LGBTQ+ rights. Being a member of the rainbow family herself, and having experienced violence because of it, she is trying to create a platform for young people to be themselves and feel safe to love who they love regardless of their gender. As a young activist and spokesperson, she understands the importance of allyship through education and regularly holds lectures about topics such as the importance of allyship and pronouns.

Youth Activist

Kimya Sajjadi

Founder of Big Enough Global

Kimiya Sajjadi is the founder of Big Enough Global. She has been nominated as one of Dagens Naeringsliv´s 30 under 30 leaderstars. She studied law for 2.5 years before she decided to be a full time entrepreneur. Today she also serves as a board member for to companies, and works as a columnist for E24. She also helps companies in the private and public sector with their diversity and inclusion strategies.

Chi Lee (They/Them)

Keynote Speaker

Chi Lee has a Masters Degree in Museum Studies from Harvard University.  For over two decades, they have been a freelance consultant for design/build studios working with global retail companies. Chi previously worked as a liaison and organizer for Arts for Humanity, a non-profit bringing the arts to underserved communities. They have also served as a translator for Four Seas Group, a Chinese-American non-profit increasing accessibility to the performance arts for local communities.